We made history. Now we are writing the future

We made history. Now we are writing the future

FUNDAL es una historia de audacia y evolución constante.

It all started with Salvador Puglisi’s dream: to create a company that was not only profitable, but could also contribute to the productive development of the country through the creation and design of disruptive, highly effective products that result in a true paradigm shift. in engineering.

In 1976, he founded FUNDAL, a company dedicated to the production of mechanical power transmission elements for industries.
Salvador Puglisi was convinced that his company had to be a space in which creativity, personal and professional growth could be cultivated to mobilize changes that transcend and remain in history.

With this purpose in mind, He dedicated day and night to thinking, analyzing and creating exclusive designs for power transmission that are not only “useful” and “functional”, but must be new, unique, with the highest quality raw materials, and above all never seen before in the Argentine market.

Year after year, Salvador’s bold and disruptive character led the company to launch unique products on the market, such as the F.A. coupling and then the F.A.S. These couplings optimize maintenance times, do not generate axial loads and revolutionized power transmission in the industry.

After many years of work and commitment, Eduardo and Graciela Puglisi, Salvador’s sons, took control of the company and made a strong commitment to innovation and product development, respecting and defending FUNDAL’s disruptive tradition.

They created the first carbon fiber cardan shafts in Latin America and became market leaders in the manufacture of mechanical power transmission elements. The products and the great, highly qualified work team made FUNDAL become the protagonist of the largest engineering works in Argentina and Latin America.

Today, many years later, FUNDAL renews its image to continue growing and evolving.

In a world where everything is almost automatic, FUNDAL highlights that it is a company with a long history but not static. Highlights that you can achieve what seems impossible that evolution is possible without forgetting its roots.

FUNDAL’s new brand image reflects its essence: its commitment to creativity, excellence and its constant evolution. It is an image that conveys the strength, innovation and ability of this company to face the challenges of the future. FUNDAL is a story of success and constant evolution, a story that continues to be written day by day.

We invite you to write the future, together.

We are innovation, #SomosFundal